Our Philosophy 


It is becoming essential to educate and involve new generations into sport programs which serve as prevention and cure for the effects of modern society conditions. Long hours of sitting at school desks and computers are main factor for developing wrong postures at young age, thus bringing health consequences further on in life.  


Our Athletic Camps focus on building stable foundations of movement coordination, balance, flexibility, speed and endurance. It has been designed for children of 8-14 years old.


The body has a memory and every movement that we learn and practise at young age is carried on further in our lives. It is possible to access this memory at any stage in our life but there is only one opportunity to learn it, when we are growing up!


The Training Structure is designed to maximise the active time spent in the camp with four main training blocks displayed in the chart below. As education is one of our mission pillars we offer children short presentations about sport related topics during each of training session.



Our Vision

Get back to Natural Movements

Our Mission

Educate about Natural Movement such as running, jumping and throwing through sport camps and programs that originate from the most complex sport which is Athletics

Our Objectives

Excellence in delivering sport programs

Building mentally strong and physically skilled young generation

Learn and Play