WePlay Athletic Camps may wish to photograph, film or record students within the context of the camp. These images may be used in camp brochures, on the website or posters. We may also use video footage.


Conditions of use of images and recordings of students:


1. Personal details or full names (first name and surname) will not be disclosed on picture or alongside a picture or recording.

2. Personal details such as emails addresses, postal addresses, telephone or fax numbers will not be disclosed.

3. WePlay Athletic Camps will only use pictures of appropriately dressed students.


4. The permission to use images or recording is for an unlimited period of time. Archive images and recordings can be used by WePlay Athletic Camps.

5. WePlay Athletic Camps will not sell images or recordings to third parties.

6. WePlay Athletic Camps will not pay students for images or recordings.


In the context laid out in this policy, the authorisation from parents/legal guardians prior to using photographs or recordings of students is compulsory. This following procedure will therefore apply:


On the enrolment form the following sentence is mentioned:
« I authorise the use of images or recordings of my child: YES / NO »